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Message from CEO 

Ookuma Hospital has been providing medical services as a key healthcare provider in the community since its founding in 1976.  We are making efforts to improve healthcare quality through strengthening further collaboration with local healthcare entities - including clinics, hospitals and nursing homes.


Our philosophy is to serve as a best and trusted healthcare partner for people in the community. Based on this philosophy, we strive to update our skills and knowledge for a wide range of medical services form acute to post-acute care.  We also offer medical checkups and home medical care services so that we can satisfy local healthcare needs.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Atsuo Masago M.D.

 Chief Executive Officer / Chief Medical Officer


Our Philosophy

We serve as a best and trusted healthcare partner for people in the community. 

Our Policy

In order to be a best and trusted healthcare partner that pursues value for the people involved,

-we provide high-standard medical services that satisfy community needs

-we set a high value on ties with the local community

-we develop good medical professionals with talent and passion

-we create a pleasant and well-functioning work environment

-we practice sound management.

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